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Saturday 7th September 2013

Mossley Hill v. AFC Liverpool


Captain - Louie

Scorers - Antony 3, Alex 2, Tom 1, Lewis 2(og)

Quote from Mick - "Can all parents let their lads know, today was a great win and they all played really well as a team. The passing and awareness was boss. Keep it up, so proud of them, they are all getting better with every game. They listened and there was no arguing. The kids were a credit to Mossley and their parents today. They were all great, gutted Peter missed it but he'll be happy they carried the play on from Thursday. Thought the passing was great using the width, they were boss to watch. Well done to everyone!!! Peter, where is your P45?????"

MOM - Team

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Saturday 6th April 2013

Mossley Hill v Woolton Power

5 - 1

Captain - Joseph

Scorers - Harry 2, Tom, Alex, Charlie


Thank You to Woolton Power for yet another good game.

It was great to get back into playing again after more enforced lay-offs. It looked like the kids had never been away!

We got straight into our stride and began playing where we left off in our last game. The passing and moving throughout the whole team was great and every player wanted to be on the ball. It wasn't long before our pressure paid of and Harry slammed the ball into the net. We applied the pressure straight from the kick of and within minutes, we had extended our lead to 2 - 0 with Harry getting his second.

We continued in this vain and were dominating the whole of the pitch. Those who were playing, were enjoying themselves and those who were subs, were desperate to get on. The kids were playing some great football and the movement was great to see. Again before long, we extended our lead with Tom scoring a well deserved goal. He battled well up front and chased back to win the ball when needed.

We allowed Woolton to get back into it and they scored a well earned goal. Our kids weren't put of and got straight back at them and we created another good move from our defence. We worked the ball well and Alex got on the end of a shot to make it 4 - 1. We weren't finished yet and Harry took charge in the middle and started another good move with Charlie finishing well and getting another well deserved goal.

It finished 5 - 1 and to be fair, it could've been a few more. The kids played really well and it was difficult to highlight one player from the others but today's man of the match goes to Harry for his goals, creating some great moves and setting up other goals. Well Done everybody.


M.O.M - Harry  




Saturday 9th March 2013

Mossley Hill v River Alt

3 - 4

Captain - Harrison


This was a brilliant game of kids football and thanks to River Alt.

We started of a bit slow and it was a while before we finally got into our stride. When we did get into it, the kids showed they are a match for any team. Our football flowed throughout the whole team and it was good to see the kids not being afraid to pass the ball from the defence to start our moves. On saying that, we have to be mindful of our opponents and their vision because we got caught out in defence and midfield a couple of times today and this lead to River Alt capitalising and taking a 2 goal lead early.

Our kids kept at them and continued to play good passing football. The movement from all of the team was good and I'm beginning to think that the kids DO actually listen sometimes in training. We were well into our game and on the attack again when we lost the ball close to River Alt's goal. Their players made the most of our mistake and broke away really quickly, catching our midfield out of position and the defence outnumbered. Their player left Lewis with no chance and they went further ahead.

Our kids showed great spirit again and didnt  panic. We again took charge and we played the ball well. Grace then took charge and intercepted a River Alt move and passed the ball out to Harry. A quick one-two with Harry and Grace and Harry passed the ball onto Harrison who again played a one-two with Harry. Harrison found himself behind the River Alt defence and slammed a great effort into their goal leaving the keeper with no chance. (this was by far the best goal and move I have seen in a long time - fantastic)

The second half got under way and we now were dominating the game. Our defence looked solid and the midfield were now making up for lost time. Mikee, Grace, Charlie and Joe Doolan were in control while Harry and Harrison were having a great time.

Tom and Alex chased everything again with Tom stealing the ball and running at their defence. They could not get near him and he and Alex were unlucky a couple of times. More great moving throughout midfield saw Tom released in front of goal and this time there was no mistake. He rifled the ball into the net. 2 - 1.

We now had the bit between our teeth and the kids got straight back at them. It wasnt long before we were again attacking and this time Harry got the ball in the middle of the pitch. He ran at their defence and unleashed a low, powerful shot that flew into the bottom corner of their net leaving their keeper with no chance. At this point, it was only a matter of time before we got the winner?

Hmmmm.... we switched off again didnt we and with the very last kick of the game, River Alt again broke away after one of our corners and scored to make it 4 - 3.

Thats how it finished but what a great game of football. Congratulations to ALL of the kids involved. Well Done.

Lots of contenders for Man of the Match today but for his constant battling in the middle of the pitch, today it goes to Mikee.


M.O.M - Mikee




Saturday 2nd March 2013

Mossley Hill v Woolton Power

2 - 0

Captain - Charlie


Thank You to Woolton Power for a good hard fought game.

I think there may have been some players had a late night as it took a while for our kids to get going. But like everything else, when our kids do get going, they are as good as any other team.

We contniued to try to play our football but were being frustrated by Woolton who kept on closing us down. We continued having a go at them and pressing them but couldnt make the break through. Sometimes we were trying to walk the ball in when we all know that some of our kids have got shots on them that would burn the hands of most keepers. Dont be afraid of missing!

We finally took the lead after the ball was crossed in from the right. We had been threatening to score for some time when up stepped Mikee. The ball was crossed in from the right and Mikee 'rose like a salmon' above everybody and hammered in a great header. Well deserved too.

This was the boost our kids needed and we continued to dominate the whole pitch. We had a number of chances through different players and were unlucky not to getmore.

At one point, the ball fell to Harry and without hesitation, he shot from way outside the box. The keeper managed to get a hand to it but the ball ended up in the net to make it 2 - 0.

The game finished 2 - 0 and maybe on another day, we could have got 5 or 6. But credit to Woolton Power.

There were some good performances throughout the field again and Man of the Match today goes to Ethan for a good solid performance. Well Done.


M. O. M - Ethan




Saturday 23rd February 2013

Mossley Hill v Westpool.

1 - 0

Captain - Grace


Thanks to Westpool for what turned out to be a great game of kids football.

We had been forced into another couple of weeks break, so the kids were wanting to get straight back into it. And thats what they did!

We got straight into our passing and were creating some good moves throughout the pitch. Our defence looked solid and were soaking up everything that was coming their way. We then played the ball from the back and most of our moves were started from defence. Lewis looked settled in goal and his vision was excellent as he was quick off his line a number of times.

Our midfield were linking up with each other really well and created some great chances, only for their six foot keeper to stop us scoring. (he had an excellent game). Even so, our kids kept on chipping away at them and we were really unlucky not to have a good lead at half time.

We did not have it all our own way and Westpool were having a go at us. Lewis was on form and  was alert to most of their attacks.

We spoke to the kids at half time and gave them what we thought was goofd advice!! It wasn't long before we wera attacking again and we earned a free kick a few yards outside their area after some good work with Grace, Mikee, Joseph and Charlie. Up stepped Harry and it appeared that he had listened to what we had said at half time and he rifled the free kick into the bottom corner of the goal. Brilliant.

I thought our kids would go on and get a few more and we were really unlucky not to. Our new striker Tom went close a few times, as did Harrison and Alex. Their keeper played a blinder and kept us at bay and it finished 1 - 0. How I will never know.

This was a game worth watching and it was good to be back. All of the kids played well today and deserve a mention and praise. The player just edging it today for man of the Match was Jack for his composure on the ball, soaking up every challenge and playing some great passes. Well Done.


M. O. M - Jack Tyrer




Saturday 2nd February 2013

Mossley Hill v Mossley Hill Athletic

6 - 2

Captain - Harry


Thanks to Mossley Hill Athletic for a great game and also to all our kids for volunteering to stay on and play a second game.

Our kids bounced straight back. We began playing great football again and the passing and moving was good to see. All of the kids were well involved and it was great to hear the kids talking to each other. We created some good moves and it was as a resuilt of one of those moves that we scored our first goal. Some good passing from the back and through the midfield saw harry break away and he slotted a great shot into the goal. The younger team didnt give up and they played some really good football and showed how well they have developed as a team and individuals. They broke from their own half and through some good work, managed to get and equaliser. That was the kick our kids needed.

We had a number of chances through players from all over the field. Tom and Alex were being frustrated but it was Mikee who took charge and worked his way through to score a great goal. That was the start of it and we were now in charge. Harry went on to score his second and Mikee got his second to. Alex didn't give up and he netted a good goal and well earned.

Tom kept on pressing and got his first goal for our club and one which he worked really hard for. the whole of our team played really well in this game and all wanted to get in on the act. We turned off slightly and allowed Athletic to pull a goal back, but nothing less than they deserved.

For all their hard work in the middle of the pitch in this game, player of the match goes to Grace.

Well Done to everybody.


M.O.M - Grace




Saturday 2nd February 2013

Mossley Hill v Parkview

3 - 0

Captain - Harry

Thanks to Parkview for a great game.

It turned out to be the same old story against Parkview again!! Our kids got straight into the game and we started by playing some great football. The passing throughout our kids was great and they were all wanting to be involved. There were some individual battles goin on throughout the pitch and we seemed to be coming out on top in all of them.

Brownie and Jack were in charge at the back and Mikee and Harry were dominant on both wings. We had a number of chances and shots on goal, only to see them saved by their keeper or go wide. We had the majority of the play but just couldn't convert any of our chances.

This was turning into a good game. Parkview took a long range shot and as with every time we seem to play against them, another wicked deflection from our defence saw the ball land in the top corner. Same old, same old.

Our kids didnt let their heads drop and kept at them. Our football continued and our kids had a number of further chances and were unlucky not to score. The football being played by both teams was good to watch and both teams could have score next. Unfortunately, a good move by Parkview saw it result in a good goal. They then went further ahead and made it 3 - 0.

Our kids played really well today and deserved a lot more than they actually got. But it seems thats what happens when we play against this team.

Well done to all of our kids today.

A difficult decision for man of the match as all the kids played really well but just edging it today for a solid performance was Joel.


M.O.M - Joel




Saturday 12th January 2013

Mossley Hill v Marshalls


Scorers - Harrison 1, Harry 2, Charlie 2

Captain - Mikee Dunn

Thanks to Marshalls for a great game played with great spirit.

It was great to eventually be back after a long lay off and good that our kids seemed raring to go.

We started off by getting straight into our play and the kids were well up for this. We got straight at Marshalls by attacking them and forced their keeper into an early save. Our midfield and attack were having a good go at them and we began passing the ball really well. Some greta moves lead to a few more efforts on goal but only to be stopped by either their keeper or the woodwork. Due to our dominating the game throughout the whole pitch, it seemed a matter of time before we scored. But half time crept upon us and it was unbelievably 0 - 0 at half time.

Our kids continued the second half were they left off and before long, we took the lead through a great move and finish by Charlie. This was our cue to show our dominance.

Our play began to flow and the passing was great through the whole pitch. Some of our players were having loads of joy with individual runs and we got 2 further goals from Harry and Harrison, which they both thoroughly deserved.

Our pressure continued and we had numerous more chances with their keeper pulling of some great saves. We got a number of corners which we were unable to make something of. The kids were making plenty of space for themselves from these corners but we were unlucky.

That was Harry's cue to do some work of his own. He pulled away from his player in the penalty area after some good movement. Perfect timing meant the corner was played in and Harry had lost his marker. He dived from the edge of the box and connected terrifically with a diving header that flew into the corner of he goal, leaving the keeper and defence with no chance. An absolutely brilliant goal.

We continued and got another through Charlie. Marshalls continued pressing us and got a well earned goal to make it 5 -1.

Today was a fantastic return for us and the  kids and they were all fantastic. Again another really difficult decision for Man of the Match but it just goes to Mikee for all his hard work and dominance in midfield. Well done.



MOM - Mikee Dunn



Saturday 17th November 2012

Mossley Hill v AFC Liverpool

6 - 0

Scorers - Harry 2, Harrison 2, Charlie, Lewis

Captain - Harry

Thanks to AFC who never gave up.

What a way to bounce back after last weeks result. The kids were up for this game today but it took a few minutes to get our football going. When we did, the passing flowed great. All of the kids wanted to be involved and it wasn't long before we were dominating the whole of the pitch.

Our defence started a lot of the moves and got the passing going. We looked solid at the back with Jack and Ethan showing good understanding and Joseph helping out at the back as well doing well in midfield.

We took a well earned lead and from through Harry and from there, we began to dominate. We kept up the pressure, but even so, AFC still had a go at us and managed to force Lewis into some good saves. We then extended our lead through Charlie and Harrison who were playing really well in the middle. Mikee, Grace and Harry were in charge across the middle with Joseph, Charlie and Harrison all showing how well they can do.

Our pressure paid of again with aAlex chasing everyhting, their defence were forced into errors and as a result, Lewis profited by gaining another goal. Harry and Harrison went on to score further goals and I think this was one of those games the kids did not want to end. I know I didnt.

What a great way to come back after last week and it was a really difficult job choosing man of the match but todays goes to Lewis. And well deserved.


MOM - Lewis Melia



Saturday 10th November 2012

Mossley Hill v River Alt

1 - 3

Scorer - Harrison

Captain - Joel

Thanks to River Alt who fully deserved their win today.

I'm not sure if our kids thought after last week that they had a right to win this match. If that was the case, then somebody should've told River Alt that.

Our kids attitudes were not on the game today and they picked the wrong game to play like that. River Alt came right at us from the start and they were playing the much better football than us. They seemed to want the ball more and were prepared to fight for it when they weren't in possession. Our kids were not putting in their usual challenges and chasing for the ball. It wasn't long before we were punished and it was a well deserved and well earned goal.

Our kids are allowed a bad day and I'm taking it that today was that bad day. The good thing abou them, is that they don't give up and we do have players who want us all to pull together. Unfortunately, we didn't do that as a team today and if we had, I'm sure the whole result would have been different.

Harrison and Alex didn't stop having a go at them and Alex chased everything again. They broke again and took an even further lead and maybe against the run of play at that stage.

Harrison did manage to pull a goal back for us and gave us some hope but it wasnt to be and River Alt got another goal to kill the game off. They won this game fair and square and was well deserved.

Today wasn't our day, but next week maybe. Our kids wont be too disheartened hopefully and will bounce straight back. Well done to River Alt today.

MOM again was difficult but it goes to Alex for all his running and chasing.

MOM - Alex



Saturday 3rd November 2012

Mossley Hill v Woolton Power

10 - 0

Scorers - Mikee 4, Joseph 2, Ethan, Jack, Harrison, Alex

Captain - Harrison

Thanks to Woolton Power today for giving us a good game despite struggling to be able to field a team. They were a credit to kids football as they never gave up. Well Done.

We as coaches and parents all know what our kids are capable of and today was about showing everybody. Our kids have been threatening to get a result like this all season and today we saw it. One parent watching described the team today as 'ruthless.'

The football from start to finish was fantastic throughout the WHOLE team and it was great to see kids playing football with a smile on their faces. Not only were they enjoying it, but the coaches and parents were enjoying watching too.

We took the lead through a great move through the whole team with Ethan going on a good run. He finished the move with a great shot that left their keeper with no chance. This set the theme for the game and it wasnt long before we were dominating throughout the whole pitch. Every player was looking to be involved and some of the movement of the ball was fantastic. Mikee and Joe D and Grace showed how ggo we can play and took charge. Mikee and Joe D added well deserved goals to the tally with some brilliant finishing from both of them. Both scored blistering goals that any keeper would have struggled with. Mikee added four to our total and Joseph added another two. They both thoroughly deserved their goals too.

Alex only ever gets one instruction from us and that is to make a nuisance of himself and thats exactly what he did. AGAIN. He parried and chased everything and got a well deserved goal. And the good thing to see was that he was looking for that last pass, and it worked. Harrison was also working hard on the other side of the pitch and he again chased everything and popped up for what is turning out to be his usual goal.

Our defence in Ethan. Jack and Joel looked solid throughout and they were all encouraged to push up, which they did. Joel was unlucky not to get on the score sheet but jack went one better and after being virtually forced to go up, he got a well earned goal, and we could all see how happy he was with it.

Lewis started a lot of our moves from the back again and it was difficult to find fault with anything today. The only person not mentioned so far is Grace, but what a great game she had again. She has great vision and her passing was brilliant, and it was apparent today why she is a member of our team.

Well done to everybody on todays result and it was really difficult to pick a MOM. Mikee scored 4, Joe D got 2 and the rest of the team didnt stop. Today though, MOM goes to Jack who was solid throughout and showed great composure every time on the ball.

Well done everybody.

MOM -  Jack Tyrer



Saturday 27th October 2012

Mossley Hill v Westpool

2 - 0

Captain - Lewis

Scorers - Harrison, Harry

Thank you to Westpool for a really good battle and it was evident to see how much they have improved as a team.

The usual instructions were given to our kids, go and play our passing football. Westpool made that really difficult for us and didnt allow us to have our own way or time on the ball. We tried to take charge and there were some great moves in the first half. We continued to play from the back but Westpool kept on battling. We went close a number of times but just couldnt get the breakthrough. Despite being frustrated, we continued to try to play good football and the kids didn't give up. The first half finished 0 - 0 and turned out to be really scrappy.

The second half carried on much the same way as the first with us playing football throughout the whole pitch but this time it didnt take long befiore we had control of the game. The kids had the bit between their teeth and started to dominate the game. We then took a well deserved lead after another great move throughout the whole pitch.

Harrison made the most of the ball dropping to him just inside the box and he unleashed a great shot that left their keeper with no chance and gave us our well earned lead. That was the boost the kids needed. We were now dominant throughout the whole pitch and were not giving Westpool much. Within minutes, the ball was again played from the back and was passed into Harry.

Harry took a couple of paces with the ball and then struck an absolute cracker of a shot that flew into the top corner of their goal. It was a fantastic goal and well deserved for all of the team.

We continued to play as we had all game and began to show how good we can be. Westpool didnt give up but by now, we were in control of the game and were unfortunate not to have a couple more goals.

Another good performance from the whole team today and a well deserved win.

Man of the match today was again a difficult decision but goes to Harry for a good solid performance and a peach of a goal.


M.O.M - Harry


Saturday 20th October 2012

Mossley Hill v Gilmour U 9's.

10 - 0

Captain - Alex Robinson

Scorers - Alex 3, Harry 2, Mikee 1, Harrison 1, Jack 1, Xenon 1, Charlie 1

Well done and thank you to Gilmour for todays game. We would have had a free week otherwise.

Our opponents today were a year below us but our kids were told to go and play our ususal football. It took a minute or two to get into it but when they did, the kids began to find space and the passing was good. Every player wanted to be involved and it didn't take long before we began to dominate the game. Through some good play, we took the lead and that set our kids on their way. Within minutes, we were 3 - 0 up and we were playing some good stuff.

Our defence and midfield looked solid and thats where most of our play started from. Our 3 defenders took it turns to venture forward and all had good efforts. Jack had to be told to go and have a go from a corner and it paid. He got on the end of a cross and scored a cracking volley that left their keeper with no chance. In response to that, our defenders need a little bit more communication between themselves and remember that we have get back when we are attacking.

The whole midfield were solid and took charge of the game. They were finding space and wanting the ball. We were looking for the pass and also making the most of chances when they came along. Harry managed to net 2 goals through good play and Harrison scored a header from a good cross. Charlie and Xenon both scored really good goals and Alex never stopped running again and scored a hatrick.

It was a well deserved win today and hopefully a bit of a boost for the kids after the last couple of weeks. This was a great result but whats more worrying, is the fact that we all know our kids can play better than today! One last point, lets remember to release the ball when theres a player in a better position.

Player of the match today was Mikee for all his hard work, running and also managing a goal. There could have been a few players of the match but Mikee just edged it for me.

Well done everybody.


MOM - Mikee Dunn



Saturday 13th October 2012

Mossley Hill v Netherley Valley


Captain - Ethan Owens

Well done to Netherley.

Our kids were up for this game after last week and we got straight into our play. We were a bit slow to get started but when they did, the football began to flow for the first 10 minutes. I think some of the kids then got a bit frustrated and decided to play for themselves and not as a team. As a result, our whole performance was affected and we lost our  flow.

No matter how much they were reminded to look for the pass and space, some of the kids continued to play as individuals. And as they were being reminded, as has happened a couple of times in the past, the kids took exception to being advised from the line. This is a disciplined game and should be played as such.

We did everything we could today to score but I dont think their keeper would have a better game for the rest of the season, and thats meant as a compliment! Their goal wasrbeing barraged at times but we just could not make the breakthrough.

As per last week, we were attacking and had a corner. We did not make the most of it and from our corner kick, they broke away and scored. They did not havemany chances in the game but scored the winning goal and thats what it's about. We did not make the most of our chances again today and as a result, have come away on the losing side again, and definateley against the run of play again.

This was one of those real frustrating games where nothing was going our way again. Had we played our usual passing football, I'm sure this would have been a completely different game. Lets get our football going again and see the kids enjoying themselves.

Player of the match today goes to Grace for her hard work and battling in the midfield. She did not give up and was looking for the pass as well making the important challenges.


MOM - Grace Clinton



Saturday 6th October 2012

Mossley Hill v Parkview


Captain - Harry McDonald

Well Done to Parkview.

Forgive the old cliche, but this definately was a game of 2 halves. We are alwayas guaranteed a tough game against Parkview and thats what we got.

This didn't phase our kids at all and they got straight at our opponents. We played great passing football in the first half and got through their defence a number of times. Our kids kept their heads and our passing was starting from our defence and was worked right through the pitch. We got our chance as a result of a great move down the right side. The ball was crossed and passed right through their defence and we were left with only the keeper to beat. This time, the ball was shot over the bar. Minutes later, the ball was again worked through the field and we were left with another chance but this time it was hit wide. We should have learned our lesson from last season and made the most of our chances because Parkview hit us on the break twice and scored both, going into half time 2-0 up against the run of play.

Our kids came out for the second half with completely different attitudes. We bagan to hold onto the ball a little bit too long and were being caught and we know we can play great stuff when we're passing. We didn't get back into the game in the second half and Parkview began to dominate. We kept on at them and the kids didn't give up at all. Their keeper was forced into a couple of saves but today wasn't going to be our day. Alex made the usual nuisance of himself and didn't stop running again and for that reason, he gets the MOM vote today.

Lets remind the kids to keep on playing the passing football and the results will follow.  


MOM - Alex Robinson



Saturday 29th September 2012

Mossley Hill v Mossley Hill Athletic


Scorers - Alex 2, Lewis 1, Harrison 1

Captain - Jack Tyrer

Thank you to Mossley Hill Athletic for putting up a good game.

The kids carried on where they left of last week. Our passing football was great again and we got into it straight away. The kids visibly looked like they were enjoying playing and our football was flowing. We were playing great stuff throughout the whole of the side and every child wanted to be involved. We started a lot of our moves from the back and even though we were playing uphill, it wasn't too long before we took a well deserved lead with Alex working hard.

The passing football continued and we were creating great moves from the back. Joel was going on some fantastic runs and was unlucky not to get on the score sheet. We went into half time 3 - 0 up with further goals from Lewis and a second goal for Alex.

The second half continued exactly how it finished, with us playing uphill and our football being great to watch. We went close a number of times but their keeper was on good form and pulled off some fantastic saves. He was finally beaten by a great goal from Harrison to make it 4 - 0.

The whole team today were fantastic and it's getting more and more difficult to choose a man of the match but today it goes to Joel for his hard work throughout the game.

Lets not detract from our great performance today but we have to remember that we play in a kids football league and we are all ambassadors for kids football and Mossley Hill Football Club. Lets keep reminding ourselves and the kids of that and keep up the enjoyment for all of us.

Well Done to all the kids today.


MOM - Joel Brown



Saturday 22nd September 2012

Mossley Hill v Marshalls Barkhill


Scorers - Mikee 1, Harry 1, Charlie 1

Captain - Joel Brown

Thank you to Marshalls Barkhill who struggled for a team today.

We asked the kids to just play like they did last week. Thats what they did.

We got straight into our passing football and all of the kids played the ball well throughout the team. Our defence looked really composed and Lewis is showing how well he is fitting into his position. He started of a couple of our moves by passing from the back which resulted in us attacking and having shots on goal.

It was good to be hassled on the line too by the subs who were wanting to get on and be a part of it. And when they did get the chance, they all fitted in and continued with the football. Our midfield dominated the pitch and the passing and moving between all of them was brilliant to watch. We had chance after chance and their stand in keeper was having a fantastic game. We finally went ahead with another great move. Mikee was on the end of it to score this time.

We carried on like this throughout the first half and I think every child had a shotat some point. We were awarded a penalty for a great save from their centre half in the peanalty area. Their stand in keeper was on form and saved it and the ball was then scrambled away.

The second half started the same way and we were playing uphill. Harry had a couple of shots saved and hit the post twice. The kids weren't put off and we again got a breakthrough with harry ramming the ball home. The passing football continued and we again went close a few timesbut finally sealed it with shot from Charlie that left the keeper with no chance as it flew into the bottom corner. All goals were well deserved by those whos scored and we should have had a few more, but credit to Barkhill, especially their keeper, who kept them in it.

The passing and football today was excellent and the kids seemed to have a great understanding of where each other was. It was great to watch from the side line and the kids deserve praise for the way they have played in the first 2 games.

Just edging it again for Man of the Match was Charlie who seemed to have a part in every move today and got on the score sheet himself.



MOM - Charle Bray



Saturday 15th September 2012

Mossley Hill v Marshalls


Scorers - Alex 2, Joe 1, Harry 1, Charlie 1, Grace 1

Captain - Alex Robinson

Thank You to Marshalls for a good battle and never giving up.

What a start to the new season. We as parents and coaches know what our kids are capable of when they put their minds to it, and today they showed it to everyone. There were no tactical speeches from Mick and I, we just asked them to go and play football. And they didn't disappoint,


The game was brilliant to watch. The kids took a few minutes to get into it, but when they did, the football was great. We began passing throughout the whole team, starting from Lewis. Lewis started a couple of our moves and Ethan and Jack made sure there were options for him. All of the midfield were wanting to be involved and when they weren't on the ball, they were finding space really well. Our passing was brilliant and as a result, we got all of our goals through excellent passing. Joseph finished of a great move by ramming the ball home. That seemed to give our kids a boost and we then began to dominate the whole of the pitch.

Alex was his usual 'nuisance' to their defence and during the rare occasions when we were having to defend, he chased back and hassled for the ball. He then got his reward with two brilliantly taken goals through hard work and well worked moves.

Harry and Harrison had their defence up the wall down the left side and a great first touch from Harrison saw the move down the left finished with the goal of the game. But...not to be outdone, Harry the took charge of the ball well outside Marshalls area and slammed the ball into the top corner. BRILLIANT!!

Throughout the middle of the field, we dominated completely and Marshalls werent getting much joy. But credit to them for battling on. Grace was involved in another great passing move and when the ball was passed out to her, she slammed it into the bottom corner and again got a well earned goal. Every kid wanted a piece of the action today and Charlie also went on to show that he knows where the net is by slotting home another great goal.

This was a well deserved win and the whole game for me, was a pleasure to watch. I will go as far as to say that this was probably the best football I have seen our kids play in my time as Mossley coach. WELL DONE EVERYBODY.

A really difficult decision for MOM today but I think just edging it by being involved in virtually every goal was Joseph.

MOM - Joe Doolan




Saturday 3rd March 2012

Mossley Hill v Marshalls Barkhill

3 - 1

Scorers - Harry, Grace, Lewis

Captain - Alex

Thank You to Barkhill for what turned out to be a good, hard and well contested game. Both teams were struggling today as Barkhill had a few kids who were ill and we had kids who were injured or not well.

The only advice I gave to our kids before the game was to play football like we did last week and if we did, we wouldn't go far wrong. Barkhill made it difficult for us to get going and didn't allow us too much time on the ball. We were really slow to get going today but when we did, we played some good football. We did get going after some time, but we just could not find the breakthrough to score. Even so, we kept on at them and took the lead after a great move starting from our defence. The ball was worked to the right and a great cross was deflected into their goal giving us a well deserved lead. Normally this would be the lift our kids needed but we didn't make the most of it and Barkhill came back at us and stopped us playing our usual stuff.

I could see that some of our kids were getting frustrated with themselves. This wasnt because they were playing badly, but more because we were being prevented from playing our usual football by our opposition and credit to Barkhill!! However, we kept on at them and still played some good stuff.

We extended our lead through a well taken goal from Harry who was playing well on the left, despite having a bad leg. We were unlucky not to have gone further ahead and with a little bit more vision in the future, our kids will be that little bit quicker when it comes to passing and releasing.

Barkhill came back at us and scored a well deserved goal. It was a little bit fortunate for them in that Lewis had made a good save but could not hold onto the shot and they were first to react.

We did not give up and continued battling. We then went further ahead with another well taken goal from Grace. It was her first goal for our club and was thoroughly deserved for all her battling.

The game finished 3-1 and may be should have been more. The good thing to come out of this game for me, apart from the win, was how far our kids have come.

3 kids came off the pitch today upset because they felt they did not play very well. Nobody had told them this. This shows what they expect of themselves? This may not have been our best team performance, but who can complain when they think they're playing badly, but still winning 3 - 1.

Well Done everybody.

Getting my man of the match today was Joel. He was involved in most things today and I think just edged it over a couple of others.


M.O.M - Joel  



Saturday 25th February 2012

Mossley Hill v FC Start B

9 - 0

Scorers - Harrison 3, Mikee 3, Alex 1, Owen 1, Lewis 1

Captain - Harrison


Thank You to FC Start who continued to battle and didn't give up. Their players were a credit to their manager and parents for the way they played the game. Well done.

I asked our kids to try to play football like we did last week and that is exactly what they did. From start to finish, the passing, communication and understanding between ALL of them was fantastic. We started off passing straight away throughout the whole team and we played some great football. Within minutes, we had taken the lead through some great work. We began dominating the game and every child wanted to be involved, including our subs. It was great to watch as a manager and as a parent.

Our defence were solid yet again with not much getting past Jack, Joel or Ethan and preventing Lewis getting many touches. I can see he is getting a good understanding of his position.

The whole midfield today were fantastic and the football they all played made decisions for Mick, Neil and I really difficult. We commanded the whole of the pitch and the passing and communication was excellent. (something we have been asking more of from the kids). There were some great individual performances and some good team work. Harrison got us of the mark with a great finish to an excellent move. That set the trend and it seemd every goal we went onto score was as a result of great football. Harrison got another 2 goals (1st hatrick) and Mikee scored his first hatrick for our team. There was some really hard work being done with Joseph and Charlie brilliant and having some good chances. Charlie hit the cross bar from outside the area and both he and Joseph set up other goals. Grace showed how good she can be and to her credit, she asked to go back on after taking an accidental nasty knock. She then carried on from where she left of playing some great stuff.

Harry was his usual self on the left side and showed how good a player he is. He was up and down the left side and laid on some great passes leading to goals. He was also unlucky not to score himself. Owen was playing well on the right and also had a couple of chances. He scored a goal from the right side with a terrific strike which must have stung the keepers hands.

Alex was busy up front and also pushed back into midfield to help out and he got a well deserved goal. He battled well and chased everything and had a couple of chances, as well as hitting the bar.

Todays man of the match could have been a number of players

for their performance but just edging it for me today was Joseph. (difficult when we had 2 hatrick heroes)

Fantastic everybody - well done.


M.O.M - Joseph




Saturday 18th February 2012

Mossley Hill v NWLL U'9's.

2 - 1

Scorers - Ethan, Mikee

Captain - Lewis


Thank You to Netherley for another good game.

It's been a good while since our kids played together but it didn't show. The weather was awful, with the wind, rain and hail not helping. The kids were freezing but didnt let it interfere with their play.

We started of playing good football and passed it through the whole of the pitch. Lewis showed he is settling into the keepers position. He was steady and calm and started quite a few of our moves by rolling the ball out.

Ethan, Jack and Joel settled into the defence and were solid. Nothing much got past the three of them. Ethan played just in front of the defence and pushed into midfield. As a result, on one of many passing moves, he pushed forward and found himself in front of goal. He placed the ball into the bottom corner, scoring his first goal of the season with his weaker foot.

We dominated the game throughout the whole pitch and our football was great to watch. There were some great moves and we were unlucky not to have at least 6 or 7 more goals. Alex went close with 3 chances, Harry went close as did Mikee and we had other chances. Owen didn't stop running and his performance in the first half was the best I have seen him play. Charlie battled well in the middle and Grace settled into her first game with us. Our second goal was well overdue because of the amount of chances we created.

The ball was again worked through the whole pitch and resulted in Mikee hitting a clear shot that flew into the goal. It was a great goal and well earned by Mikee and the team. It was 2 - 0 and our kids didnt stop playing good football. Netherley pulled a goal back, which Lewis was adamant didnt cross the line and he had proof he said?? I personally didnt think it crossed the line but the referee gave it. We continued to play and the only way to keep the kids warm was by making regular substitutions. As a result, we were compared to the Italians by our opposition and I'm sure it was because of our football.

The kids were all fantastic today in difficult conditions.

Man of the match was difficult today but just edging it for his 1st half performance was Owen.






Saturday 3rd December 2011

Mossley Hill v NWLL Boys

4 - 0

Captain - Joseph D


Thank You to Netherley for a good battle and never giving up.

I was aware that this Netherley team were the younger kids today but knowing Netherley and how they play, that didn't mean a thing, and i was right.

Our kids needed to bounce back again after last week, as they always do when they feel a little disappointed. They continued where they left off from last week with the passing football and we got straight into our stride. It was again great to watch. oth teams played some really good football and we were solid throughout the whole team. Netherley were having trouble getting though but they never gave up and didnt make things easy for us. We continued to dominate throughout the whole pitch and scored some well earned and desreved goals, with Joel scoring his first for our club. Harry scored a cracker from the left side which flew into the far side of the goal and Charlie and Alex both scored poachers goals. We could have scored a few more but Netherley didnt give up and made it hard. The game finished 4 - 0 but could have been more and this shows our kids characters for the way they conducted themselves and played today. i have nothing but praise for them yet again - Well Done

Man of the Match deservedly goes to Charlie today for his tireless work,passing and movement, but again, it was a close call.


M.O.M - Charlie




Saturday 26th November 2011

Mossley Hill v Parkview

0 - 3

Captain - Jack

Well done to

This was another great game of kids football to watch. Both teams played some great stuff and the football being played at times was outstanding. Our kids were aware of how we got on against Parkview previously and went at them todfay. We were solid in defence and midfield and their strikers and midfield were having problems getting through. We played great passing football throughout and were really unlucky not to be a couple of goals ahead. We dominated the first half and saw their keeper pull off an excellent save.

Our football continued and we were again unlucky to concede. But playning against parkview is always a hard game and they didnt let their heads drop and came back at us. They just edged the second half in playing terms but scored three goals to go with it and thats what its about. The score definitely didn't reflect the game and we can again count ourselves as unlucky. But well done to Parkview for a great game and well done to our kids for another great display of football. I can't ask for anymore in terms of football, its great to watch and its only a matter of time before our goals start to flow.

Just edging it again for Man of teh Match this week was Ethan for a good solid performance at the back.


M.O.M - Ethan



Saturday 19th November 2011

Mossley Hill v AFC Liverpool

4 - 1

Scorers - Mikee 2, Harrison, Charlie

Captain - Lewis


Thanks to AFC for a great game.

What a way to bounce back.The kids were a bit disappointed after last week but they had no need to be. They played fantastic last week and they carried that on today.

The kids played great football again and everyone of them wanted to be involved again. It was great and they started off and continued to play fantastic. Lewis was showing great awareness and started the football off by playing the ball out from the back. The defence in Ethan, Jack and Joel are all playing great together and would be hard to match.

The midfield didn't stop chasing and the skills on show were great in Charlie and Harry. Harrison, Owen and Mikee didn't stop chasing the ball and the tackles and the passing was great. Joseph Doolan was his usual solid self and Alex tried everything to get on the score sheet but just missed out. Harrison got a well deserved goal with Charlie adding to the tally with a great poachers goal and Mikee added a further two, which is becoming a regular occurence for him.

Well done to all the kids today but edging it for another superb performance for Man of the match was Jack.


M.O.M - Jack




Saturday 12th November 2011

Mossley Hill v River Alt

1 - 1

Scorer - Mikee Dunn

Captain - Mikee


Thanks to River Alt for what turned out to be a hard fought game.

The kids did everything I asked of them during this game. We played fantastic football and passed it well throughout the whole of the pitch. Every child wanted to be involved both on and off the pitch. We created an unbelieveable amount of chances and just couldn't finish. We hit both posts and the cross bar and the by far one of the best players on the pitch for both teams was River Alts keeper. He had a fantastic game and I think he will struggle to play as good throughout the rest of the season. Well done to him.

Our kids didn't let their heads drop and continued with the pressure and we finally got our jus desserts with a superbly taken shot from todays captain Mikee. he latched onto a loose ball and fired it past their keeper, who was stranded for once. We continued playing our football and they broke away and got an equaliser. All credit to them because they didn't give up, and on their keepers performance alone, they deserved it.  

Our kids heads dropped a little bit after that but they again got straight back at them. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the goals. It finished 1 - 1 and to quote their manager, he held his hands up and said 'That was like the Alamo'.

That doesn't matter, its the score that counts. But I couldn't have asked for a better performance from our kids. Well done to them all.


M.O.M. - Mikee Dunn



Saturday 5th November 2011

Mossley Hill v Gilmour

8 - 0

Scorers - Anthony 2, Harry 2, Charlie 1, Owen 1, Joseph 1, Lewis

Captain - Alex


Thanks to Gilmour for making this a good game to watch.

This was the same old story. I'm sure our kids deliberately don't get started to try to wind us up. I asked the kids to carry on from where we left off in the last game, but we just couldn't get going. Plus Gilmour were battling and making this hard for us. We didn't get our football going at all in the first half but when we did try to play, we showed how good we can be. We created some good moves, which resulted in us scoring two goals as we got to half time.

The second half was typical of our kids lately. They decided that they were in a football match and turned on the football. We started passing the ball about and the movement from all of the kids was great. They all wanted to be involved and the talking and understanding between them was great. Lewis played the ball from the back and started some great moves. The defence began to play and were passing the ball well, with Ethan, Jack and Joel finding space to move up front. Our midfield began to take charge and dominate with Charlie, Owen, Joseph and Mikee playing well together and controlling the middle. Charlie, Owen and Joseph all scored great goals with Owen scoring straight from a corner. Harrison, Harry and Alex took charge of the wings and helping in defence and up front. Harry scored two well deserved goals and Anthony didn't stop chasing. He got his rewards with two well earned goals and showed how good he really is. Lewis gets the other goal today as he deserved it. Joe didn't have too much to do but was there when called upon.

The kids were really frustrating in the first half, which was commented on by a number of people on the line.  When they decided they were going to play, they were absolutely fantastic and deserved everything they got. Kids, please save me some stress and give me two second half performances in our next game!!

A well deserved man of the match performance goes to Anthony today who never stopped, hassled and played some great football. As per usual, he got on the score sheet and scored 2 great goals.


M.O.M - Anthony


Saturday 29th October 2011

Mossley Hill v FC Start B


Scorers - Anthony 3, Harry 2, Alex 1

Captain - Joseph Doolan


Thanks to FC Start and John for a good match played in great spirit.

The kids didn't need anymore incentive to play well and get a good result today than last weeks result. We got straight into the game and our football. The passing was great and all of the kids looked like they really wanted to win today. We attacked from the outset and caused Fc Start problems. Our players were getting right at them and were showing great determination.

Our kids play great football when they put their mind to it and I can't complain. (but i'm going to anyway). We have got to remember to release the ball at times, especially when there are players making great moves and finding lots of space.

The football began to pay of and their defence and keeper were frustrating our players with some great saves and challenges. We put the ball wide I dont know how many times and it seemed that we were never going to score. Finally we got the breakthrough with Anthony and I thought that would kick start us to scoring a few more. Unfortunately we continued to hassle them and their keeper kept them in it. We continued and didn't stop playing our football. At half time, I felt we were unlucky (again) not to be well in the lead but we need to take our chances throughout the whole team.

The second half continued much teh same but we managed to start scoring. We went close a few times and Anthony continued as he has doen every week with hassling and chasing and he got his just desserts with a further two goals and his second hatrick since joining us. Other players went close and Harry got on the score sheet with a long range shot into the bottom corner and then a cheeky flick at the near post. He also had a terrific shot that hit the post from long range. I think every other player has shots on goal today and were unlucky. Alex finished the game off with an absolutely fantastic header. The move up to it started from our own half and resulted in a cracking pass from Harry on the left straight onto Alex's head,leaving their keeper with no chance.

The performance from the whole team was fantastic and it was very close for man of the match today. Well done to everybody for a great performance.



MOM - Harry McDonald



Saturday 22nd October 2011

Mossley Hill v Parkview


Captain - Joel Brown


Thanks to Parkview for a good game.

I know what our kids are capable of and I asked them to show everybody today and thats what they did. Does the score suggest that, NO not at all. We got straight into our football today and the passing was brilliant. The only thing we weren't doing was shooting and maybe thats where we were guilty today. A few more shots and I'm certain the result would have been completely different. We worked our way through their team with great passing football and were really unlucky not to take the lead when their keeper pulled of an excellent save.

We kept on at them and had a couple of more chances. Their keeper saved a couple of more and we put it wide and over on a couple of occasions.

Their forwards and midfield were not getting much joy out of Joel, Jack and Ethan. We were well on top in the first half and deserved to be well in the lead. They broke free down the left from one of our attacks and if it was a cross it was great and if it was a shot it was great but Lewis caught the ball and fell to the floor. It was a bit dubious as to whether the ball crossed the line but the referee gave it.

Our kids went into half time 1-0 down which was well against the run of play. The kids didn't let their heads drop and we carried on into the second half, having the better of the play. Our midfield were superb and battled for everyhting. The football was superb throughout the whole team and Parkview were struggling to get near us. That resulted in them having some long range shots. Two of these shots took wicked deflections and fell into the back of our net and again against the run of play. I'm not going to class those as own goals as the kids deserved a lot more.

We continued and didn't let our football suffer. They then went on to score a fourth goal, which was well worked and well taken. The game finished 4 - 0 but the score doesn't reflect the game at all and the disappointment in our kids was there for all to see.

We were aware that there were people unassociated with our club watching our kids today and the feedback on our football was terrific. If we keep playing the way we did today, then teams will struggle against us. Well done everybody.


MOM - The Team



Saturday 15th October - NO GAME


Saturday 8th October 2011

Mossley Hill v NWLL

3 - 3

Scorers - Anthony 2, Mikee 1

Captain - Charlie


Thanks very much to Netherley for a good, hard fought game.

I understand what playing football means to our kids!! It was even more apparent today what winning means to them? Our kids need to be reminded that nobody has an automatic right to win but a draw IS NOT a defeat either??

,Again all I asked of them today was to go out and play our passing football, but like the last couple of weeks, we didn't get started. Netherley came straight at us and we found it difficult to get into our usual game. We had a couple of chances but couldn't find the break through. Their keeper pulled off a couple of good saves and their defenders got in the way of shots. They then scored and a few of our kids heads went down. Something I haven't seen them do at all this season. We continued to try to get back into it and had a few more chances from players throughout the pitch. I warned the kids before the start about the slope on this pitch and I think it took its toll on a few of them. Netherley then scored a silly second goal from nowhere and against the play at the time. We went into half time 2 - 0 down??

Then came the second half and the usual story with our kids this season as they realised we were playing a match. Our football kicked in and we started to show what we can do. The defence started talking, the midfield began battling and passing and Anthony chased absolutely everything. Our new player Mikee made a few runs and ended up scoring a goal on his debut for us, and it was well earned and deserved.  Our heads were up now and the football was great to watch. Anthony continued to make a nuisance of himself up front and in midfield and scored our equaliser with a great goal. Not satisfied with this goal, our kids were now on top and it seemed it was only a matter of time before we took the lead. Anthony, who else, took charge of the ball and scored a great third goal. I thought we would have gone on to score a couple more goals, but Netherley's defence held out and on one of our attacks, they broke away catching our midfield and some of the defence out of position. Ethan pulled of a fantastic last gasp tackle only for the ball to rebound to one of their players. Our defence were struggling to make it back and their player scored a goal that left Lewis with no chance. The game finished seconds later and it was easy to see the effect it had on our kids. They believe they should have won and were upset and I believe if they had played the way we have done, we would have been clear cut winners. But credit to Netherley for a great game.

I'm going to ask the league if we can just play 2 second halfs from now on because it seems thats when our kids get going!! Please remind them that they didn't get beat today and when they did get going, they were fantastic! Well Done to everybody.

Man of the match today was between three or four players but it went to Anthony for his constant battling and two goals.


M.O.M -Anthony  



Saturday 1st October 2011

Mossley Hill v Westpool

6 - 0

Scorers - Harry 2, Harrison 1, Charlie 1, Alex 1, Jack 1


Captain - Jack


Thanks to Westpool for making this really difficult for us today, despite the score?

I dont think the score in this match shows a true reflection of what happened. Westpool were unlucky not to have scored at least 3 times in the first half. It was only down to our defence and a bit of luck. I again asked our players to go out and play their usual football and we would do well but for some reason, we just couldn't get going? A few of the kids were struggling a bit today and looked tired. After a few scares and great football from Westpool, we finally got going and when we did, the kids proved they can play. A great move ended with Harrison getting us of the mark with a great finish. That was the lift the kids needed. We then began to dominate the game a bit more. Our defence looked solid again and the talking and understanding between the three central defenders is there for all to see but sometimes we need to relax on the ball and pick our passes.

Our midfield started to take hold of the game and when we weren't in possession, the kids chased everything. Owen and Charlie must have covered every blade of grass on the pitch and both looked exhausted. Harry took charge of the left hand side of the pitch and scored two well earned goals with a great move and an excellent shot. Charlie and Alex both got poachers goals and both really deserved them. Lewis and Joe were called upon again and neither let us down. The longer the game went on today, the better our football became. Players began looking for space and our defence began to get in on the attacking. Ethan went close with a shot, Joel had a couple of good efforts and Jack pushed up, scoring a goal from long range that took a slight deflection, but that shot was going in no matter what!!

We didn't have our best game today but who can complain when we are not playing well, but still winning 6 - 0. Well done to everybody again.

Just edging if for Man of the Match today for a good solid performance is Joel.






Saturday 24th September 2011

Mossley Hill v Woolton Power

3 - 1

Scorers - Joseph D 2, Anthony 1

Captain - Anthony


Thank You to Woolton Power for a good hard fought game.  

The kids were aware before the start of the game that this was going to be a hard game today. All Mick and I asked of them was to play their usual football and they would do well. Thats exactly what they did and they got straight into their passing and moving. The slope on the pitch was hard to cope with and it was taking its toll on the kids. Some of them looked exhausted as we played uphill to start. This did not stop our kids playing football and the passing was fantastic again. When we didn't have possession, the kids chased back and hassled for the ball. We looked solid throughout the whole team and it looked like it was only a matter of time before we scored. We had numerous shots on goal, with Anthony hitting the bar and the post and shots being put just wide or their keeper pulling off great saves. At half time it was 0 - 0, though I don't know why.

We had the hill in the second half and I again asked the players to carry on with their passing football. Woolton then took the lead and all credit to them, seeing as they were playing uphill.  

Our kids did not drop their heads and we got our just desserts with an equaliser from Joseph. That was the lift the kids needed and they began to really get on top. Lewis pulled of a couple of great saves in the first half and Joe did the same in the second half. Our defenders in Jack, Joel and Ethan didn't stop and looked solid throughout with some good strong challenges, runs with the ball and passing. Our midfield chased everything and found space well, making great use of these new bigger pitches. All of the midfield linked up well and I didn't hear a single complaint from any of the kids if anything went wrong. Credit to you all!

Anthony hassled, chased and tackled for everything and helped out in midfield. He had several attempts at goal as well as setting others up. He didn't stop and deserved a lot more than the goal he scored. His was the second goal and Joseph went on to score our third, showing that he knows where the net is with his fourth so far this season.

Today wasn't all about scoring. Our football was great again and our kids are showing what a great team we are. For the second week running, comments were again passed to me and Mick about our kids passing football and team play, from people who aren't associated with our club. The referee also complimented both teams on what a great game it was. This is credit to all our kids and the parents. WELL DONE to everybody involved.      

Again another really difficult decision for man of the match but it goes to Ethan for his constant tackling, chasing and passing.


M.O.M - Ethan




Saturday 17th September 2011

Mossley Hill v Marshalls Barkhill

10 - 0

Scorers - Anthony 3, Harry 2, Charlie 2, Alex 2, Harrison 1.

Captain - Ethan Owens


Thank You to Barkhill for never giving up and making us work for our win.

I asked the kids to play the football we played last week and they didn't disappoint! I gave some of the players specific tasks to do during the game and they did it (anyone struggling with homework, give me a shout). We got straight into our game and passed the ball about great. We were playing from the back and the kids were finding space well. Again all of them showed they wanted to be involved, both playing and subs! We created some excellent moves and the only thing we couldn't do in the early parts of the game was to score. A few players had excellent chances and we did everything but put it in the net?

Lewis was aware of playing from the back and found players in space. Our defence was solid and looked for the pass instead of planting the ball up front. This worked as we passed through the midfield, who were fantastic today and we finally broke the deadlock through Anthony's first goal. He showed what an axcellent striker he is with a further two goals and his first fully deserved hatrick for our club (well done). All of our midfield used the whole pitch to pass the ball and take people on when the space allowed. They also chased down the ball when we didn't have it, and on the majority of occasions, won it back. They were brilliant. The talking throughout the whole team, especially the middle, and the working for each other was great to see. They worked really hard and showed just how much they are progressing. Anthony never stopped working up front and showed what a great addition he is to our team! Joe came on in the second half and pulled off a great save at one point.

The kids are developing individually really well and the improvements are there for everybody to see. As a team, each and every player is contributing to what is becoming an excellent side and an absolute joy to watch. Maybe I am biased, but then the comments are being passed from other coaches, players, parents and even unknown members of the public who stated how well the team played today!!

Mick and I are chuffed with the way the kids are playing and so should everybody else!

Well Done to everybody and keep up the good work.

Again just edging it for Man of the Match after a really difficult decision was Owen with his really hard work, chasing and tackling and showing me a result at the end of every run and tackle, just as I asked him.


M.O.M - Owen



Saturday 10th September 2011

Mossley Hill v FC Start

6 - 0

Scorers - Joseph 2, Charlie 2, Alex 1, Anthony 1

Captain - Harry McDonald


Thanks to John and FC Start for a great game and playing some really good football.

What a start to the season. The kids all appeared to be up for this today and all of the new players blended in well, showing that they can play football like the rest of our kids. We were a bit rusty to begin with and it took a few minutes to get into it, but when we did, we showed exactly how good we can be.

We started playing the football we are capable of playing and it was fantastic to watch as a coach and parent. Those who started as subs were itching to get onto the pitch and those who were playing were desperate to stay on. The new bigger pitches took some getting used to for the kids but they adapted well and our football was fluent. We created some great moves, chased the ball down and played some great passing football. The kids were also displaying their individual skills and they all showed how far they have come. Our new striker Anthony never stopped pestering their defence and got his just desserts with a great goal. He continued with numerous efforts and was unlucky not to get a couple of more. The whole of our midfield were brilliant by chasing the ball, passing and scoring. Alex scored a well worked goal and Charlie Bray added another 2 to the tally with some excellent finishing to great moves. This was the theme for the game with the ball being played throughout the whole field. Joseph Doolan showed he can adapt to positions by moving into midfield and scoring 2 well taken goals. He looked solid and deserved them. The whole team deserve praise for todays performance as they were all excellent and have quickly settled into a great team. It was a very difficult decision for man of the match today but went to Harrison who showed some great skills on the left and the centre of midfield and had a cracking effort hit the post. He also assisted with some of the other goals.

Well Done everybody






























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Saturday 24th January 2015 v Chelwood  WON  13-0

Scorers - Harry 4, Michael 2, Tom 3, Ben 1, Corey 3    MOM - Jack


Saturday 17th January 2015 v Pex Hill  LOST 0-3

MOM - Tom & Mikee


Saturday 6th December 2014 v Kingsley Utd  WON - 5-1

Scorers - Mikee 2, Tom, Ben, Harry    MOM - THE TEAM


Saturday 29th November 2014 v FC Start  WON 10-0

Scorers - Joel, Cameron, Antony, Harry 2, Ben, Ethan, Tom 3    MOM - Antony Fenlon-Atkinson


Saturday 22nd November 2014 v Longmoor Tigers  LOST 1-2

Scorer - Tom    MOM - THE TEAM


Saturday 15th November 2014 v Marshalls  WON 8-3

Scorers - Cameron 2, Harry 2, Ben 2, Tom, Michael     MOM - Cameron Crabbe


Saturday 8th November 2014 v Marshalls Barkhill  WON 4-2

Scorers - Harry, Ben, Tom 2    MOM - Jack Tyrer


Saturday 1st November 2014 v  Chelwood  WON 10-0

Scorers - Cameron 2, Antony 2, Ben, Tom 4, Michael     MOM - Tom Ronan


Saturday 25th October 2014 v Pex Hill  LOST 2-1

Scorers - Tom     MOM - Cameron Crabbe


Saturday 18th October 2014 v  River Alt  WON 5-1

Scorers - Harry, Ben, Harrison 2, Tom     MOM - Ben McKeown


Saturday 4th October 2014 v Woolton Power  WON 4-2

Scorers - Mikee, Harry, Ben 2     MOM - Lewis Melia


Saturday 27th 2014 v FC Start  WON 11-0

Scorers - Mikee 5, Antony 2, Harry 3, Ben     MOM - Mikee Dunne


Saturday 20th September 2014 v Gilmour  WON 8-3

Scorers - Harrison 2, Mikee, Harry, Ben 3, Tom     MOM - Harrison Donohue


Saturday 13th September 2014 v  Kingsley United  WON 3-0

Scorers - Joel, Cameron, Antony     MOM - Joel Brown




Tuesday 29th April 2014 v Longmoor Tigers  LOST 1-2

Scorer Mikee 1  MOM - LOUIS


Saturday 26th April 2014 v River Alt  LOST 0-3



Saturday 26th April 2014 v Westpool  WON 2-0

Scorers Harry 1, Harrison 1  MOM - MIKEE & LEWIS


Tuesday 22nd April 2014 V Chelwood  WON 10-0

Scorers Tom 3, Harry 2, Ben 1, Mikee 1, Antony 1, Alex 1, Joel 1  MOM - TOM


Saturday 19th April 2014 v Kingsley  LOST 2-3

Scorers Harry 1, Ben 1  MOM - HARRISON


Saturday 5th April 2014 v FC Start  DREW 2-2

Scorers Alex 1, Lewis 1  MOM - BEN


Saturday 22nd March 2014 v FC Start Athletic WON 5-0

Scorers Antony 2, Alex 1, Harry 1, Louie 1  MOM - MIKEE


Saturday 15th March 2014 v Marshalls WON 7-0

Scorers Ben 3, Harry 1, Alex 1, Mikee 1, Antony 1 MOM - TEAM


Saturday 8th March 2014 v Marshalls Barkhill WON 3-0

Scorers Tom 2, Joe D 1  MOM - TOM


Saturday 1st March 2014 v Woolton Power DREW 0-0



Saturday 22nd February 2014 v Marshalls Barkhill WON 5-2

Scorers Harry 2, Tom 2, Alex 1  MOM - ETHAN


Saturday 4th January 2014 v FC Start Athletic WON 14-0

Scorers Ben 3, Harry 2, Harrison 2, Tom 2, Mikee 2, Joel 2, Alex 1  MOM - ANTONY


Saturday 7th December 2013 v Gilmour WON 9-0

Scorers Harry 3, Mikee 2, Lewis 1, Ben 1, Edward 1, Harrison 1  MOM - EDWARD


Saturday 30th November 2013 v Woolton Power WON 4-1

Scorers Harry 2, Harrison 1, Tom 1  MOM - HARRISON


Saturday 23rd November 2013 v Marshalls  WON 4-1

Scorers Ben 2, Mikee 1, Tom 1  MOM - BEN


Saturday 9th November 2013 v Westpool  WON 7-0

Scorers Alex 2, Antony 2, Harry 1, Mikee 1, Tom 1  MOM - HARRY


Saturday 2nd November 2013 v Longmoor Tigers  DREW 0-0

(Poor Ethan broke his nose)  MOM - LOUIS SHEAD


Saturday 26th October 2013 v Kingsley Utd  WON 5-0

Scorers Mikee 2, Tom 1, Ben 1, Alex 1  MOM - JACK


Saturday 19th October 2013 v River Alt, WON 3-2

Scorers Ben 2, Mikee 1  MOM - TOM


Saturday 12th October 2013 v Chelwood, WON 10-2

Scorers Ben 1, Harry 3, Harrison 2, Antony 1, Alex 2, Mikee 1  MOM - JOE


Saturday 5th October 2013 v FC Start, WON 3-1

Scorers Mikee 1, Alex 2  MOM - ALEX


Saturday 28th September 2013 v Manchester (Friendly), WON 6-2

Scorers Harry 2, Mikee 1, Ben 2, Tom 1  MOM - HARRY


Saturday 14th September 2013 v Gilmour, WON 9-3

Scorers Harry 1, Mikee 1, Ben 3, Antony 2, Alex 1, Harrison 1  MOM - BEN


Saturday 7th September 2013 v AFC Liverpool, WON 8-0

Scorers Antony 3, Tom 1, Alex 2, OG 2  MOM - TEAM