Mossley Hill Girls - Under 14s

Mossley Hill Girls 2008-09

  Meet the Squad 2008-09


 Megan McMahon (Capt)

 Jess Carberry

 Hannah Ryan

 Cortney Bagot

 Georgia Hill

 Sophie Wilson (Vice Capt)

 Alice Thompson

 Cortney Chadwick

 Nadia Trampnow

 Lydia Hodgson

 Rachel Irwin

                     NEXT MATCH

                     28th MARCH 2009


      10.00am Kickoff @ Heron Eccles

New players are always welcome!!


For more information contact Mick (Manager) on 07704444088

                  MATCH REPORTS

                                                                21st MARCH 2009

                                                                  GROUP A - CUP

                                      MOSSLEY HILL 'A'  2  V  1  MOSSLEY HILL 'C'


These are probably the hardest games that my girls will have because they are playing the top three teams in Liverpool of their age.  So we cant complain about the level we are at and this can only be good for the girls because it wont get much harder.  If we where to have been put in the level below we would have learn't nothing.


The girls went 1-0 up after 10 minutes and held out till half time but I personally was disappointed with us, we have played a lot better - saying that I put the girls on a high plane and want that out of them every match.  The second half was about us defending and trying to keep Sophie John under control, that was never going to happen today - she was fab...!  It was 1-1 and with 5 minutes left they popped one in from a long throw.


We have just two games left to decide which cup final we are in, the top two or bottom two of the Cup  A league.  These girls have done fabulous to be involved at this level - as one of the top four teams in the Liverpool U12 league.  Thanks to the lines.....................Mick.


                                Girls of the Match :  Nadia Trampnow + Alice Thompson



                                                              14th MARCH 2009

                                                                 GROUP A - CUP

                                        MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  0  V  3  TRANMERE ROVERS


This was our worse game of the season.  Tranmere used every trick in the book but that is not an excuse because we ourselves are a physical side.  Today we just didn't want it...! which suprised me because of the way the girls normally play.  Sometimes though that's just the way it is.


I think the girls will bounce back for their next game because they didn't like the feeling they had after or during the game.  Thanks again to the line...........Mick.


                                                        Girl of the Match:  Hannah



                                                          7th MARCH 2009      

                                                            GROUP A - CUP

                                     LIVERPOOL FEDS   0  V  0  MOSSLEY HILL 'C'


My god i have to take my hat off to these girls...!  Jess had to make only one save and it was a 1 on 1 and as always she came out on top.  Lydia again had a fab game and Hannah just gets her body in front of everything.  Taz again played a tough game winning every ball she went for and Alice just ran after everything, back and forward all game.  Chad again pestered their defence and was unlucky not to sneak one in, but for me the girl of the day was Willow - she had a foot in everything and took charge of the midfield, never giving up even when she took one to the face.


These girls just dont give up and are really starting to believe in themselves, we attack and defend as a team and have still only lost two games!  I can only put this down to their determination to play for each other.  The game started to get a bit physical in the second half but our girls just stood their ground as small as they are...!


I didn't put any subs on today and I am sorry but sometimes you just have to stay as you are, this is the cup and this may happen again.  Tranmere next week - lets keep up the good work girls.  Thanks to all the girls and of course the line..................Mick.


                                    Girl of the Match:  Sophie Wilson  (Willow...!)



                                                         28th FEBRUARY 2009

                                                               GROUP A - CUP                                  

                                      MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  3  V  0  MOSSLEY HILL 'A'


These are always hard games because we know these kids so well but you just have to cut off for 50 minutes.  The game started with the A team putting us under pressure for the first ten minutes but we managed to keep them out with everyone defending, Lydia and Hannah worked hard with the midfield girls helping even Chad had to come back!


Then we had a break and Chad scored a lovely goal and she then repeated it 5 minutes later (she is playing really well) we went in 2-0 up at half time.


The girls came on for the second half and where full of themselves, Alice just didn't stop she and Lydia where up against Sophie John who is a fabulous player.  Willow and Tazz again had a good day.  We were awarded an indirect freekick in the box - Alice just touched it for Hannah to blast it into the corner.  Nad came on and just took over from Tazz, with 5 minutes to go Rachel came on and had a fab chance but Hannah made a good save.  Looking forward to the next game.


Thanks to all the girls from both teams and the parents.............Mick




                                                            21st FEBRUARY 2009

                                     MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  1  V  1  TRANMERE ROVERS


Last game of the season and what a game, we where three players down but this doesn't seem to matter to this squad.  During the first half we battled for eveything Jess again making some important saves.  Hannah and Lydia looked fab at the back and we had to battle that ball out a few times, the midfield girls - Tazz, Willow and Nadia took knock after knock to get the ball to Chad who had two big defenders on her and eventually we went 1-0 down.


The girls came in at half time and some heads where down but after a gab we decided we was playing one of the biggest teams in the league and was only 1-0 down - we decided to go out and give our best 5 minutes and see what happened, and my word they did and they just carried on!  We needed something big to happen and it did.......Hannah picked up the ball and ran with it she played it to Tazz who moved it up the field to Chad who back healed it and crossed it at the same time across the box to Nad who popped it in the net.  I have never seen a celebration like it every player running to the line where Nad had dived into her dad's arms (very emotional).


The girls then just looked so much bigger and seemed to want it more than Tranmere!  Just before the end Jess again made an excellent save and we held out for the draw.  My god what a great team of girls....!


To all 11 girls thank you for a great season - roll on the cup.......!!


Thanks to the line................Mick


                                           Girls of the Match:  Jess and Hannah



                                                       17th JANUARY 2009

                                      MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  4  V  1  MOSSLEY HILL 'B'


Chad started us of scoring almost straight away and she then kept up that momentum for the rest of the game, she run everything down - showing the kind of energy that was running through the team.  Taz played a tough game but always looked full off running and Willow who also scored is starting to command the centre of the park.  As for Pip, my god she was unstoppable today - you just don't know which way she is going to go and was rewarded for her hard work with a goal.  The two girls at the back just do what they are good at...! With only two defeats to date with one game left to play - this says everything to me.


At half time Georgia came on with Nad following and they again had a good day with their touches so pleasing on the eye!  Lydia also came on and is starting to look cool with her passing game, her persistence paid off with her claiming a goal.  Rachel came on with ten minutes to go and again was so close to bagging her first goal - I think the whole line was willing her to score.


I have to save in my opinion the best till last and that was the save of the season by Jess (best keeper in the league).  The shot was going in all the way and Jess dived at full stretch and with one hand palmed the ball round the post......amazing!!  As always....thanks to the line and the of course the girls.       Mick.


                                       Girl of the Match:  Courtney Chadwick (Chad)




                                                       29th NOVEMBER 2008

                                       MOSSLEY HILL 'A'  0  V  0  MOSSLEY HILL 'C'


Before I start I would just like to thank both teams and lines for a great derby!  The game started fast with Alice nearly popping one in within the first ten seconds, the game carried on with a good pace which suited my girls.  I thought everyone from Jess who made some important saves to Chad who again was unlucky but looks better every game had a good day.


Willow I thought had one of her best games and sat stead fast in the middle, passing balls out to Taz and Chad.  While again, Alice had a fab few runs I think we need to get closer to goal to score though! When Georgia came on she put in some wicked corners and we where unlucky not to get a touch on one.  Nad & Lydia came on and was followed by Rachel - all brought something different to the game.  Again, the defence was solid and at times came forward and looked good.  We had two penalties and an in-direct freekick against us and came away unscathed, whether by luck or good defending/goalkeeping I don't know but it made for a great game.


I think this report does not give justice to what was a great match.  Thanks again to both lines...Mick.

I would also like to say a big THANKS to Sandro for all his work getting the kids coats and shirts!


                                       Girl of the Match:  Sophie Wilson (Willow)                                



                                                       22nd NOVEMBER 2008

                                            MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  4  V  0  FARMERS


What a great team performance again.  We dominated this game again with Jess making just three saves throughout the whole game.  Some of the football today was fab from the back to front, with Pip playing some great link ups with Chad and Taz - it was great to watch!  Both Pip and Taz scored in the first half, and we continued in the second half when Georgia come on and scored.


We then changed again with Nad and Rachel coming on and again Rach nearly popped one in!  I have said it before but these kids just love to please.  Lydia had a start again and had a good half coming off in the second half as she had done what was asked of her.  Willow came on and sat in the middle of the park for the rest of the game.  Chad is due to bag a couple, she is just inches away but is playing great - peeling off defenders at will.  I loved it when Hannah got her first goal today, her face was a picture you could see she really enjoyed it.


Farmers gave girl of the match to Georgia and our parent vote this week went to Alice - two great choices.  Thanks to the line as always.................Mick.


                                   Girls of the match:  Georgia Hill + Alice Thompson.



                                                         15th NOVEMBER 2008

                                        MARINE GIRLS  0  V  6  MOSSLEY HILL 'C'


Forget the final score for a moment because the best thing about today was the team performance.  Every girl had a good day on a very heavy pitch.  Jess had only two saves to make throughout the whole game which says something about the amount of possession we had.


In the first half it was just about digging in and getting the first goal.  The goal scorers where Willow 2, Chad 1, Alice 1 and Nad 2.  The girls just kept pushing forward for the whole game, making some lovely link ups - if anything we should have had more, but hey I am not greedy (oh yes I am...!!).  Again, the backs where solid - do you know that no team has scored more than two goals against us so far..!  and no matter how we change the team players, I always get the same great attitude from the girls...it is fab.


If there was one thing that could of topped today's game - it was right at the end when Rachel nearly scored.  Keep going Rach it will come...!  A great team effort......well done girls.  Again, big thanks to the line................Mick.


                                        Girl of the Match:    Nadia Trampnow



                                                           8th NOVEMBER 2008

                                        MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  3  V  2  THINGWALL 'A'


I would like to start by just saying FAB...!!  Saying that I think we still have more to give but I think that is just me being greedy.  Every girl was up for it today, there was some great moves and lots of link up play between all the team.  Chad scored again followed by Pip and then Nad but that wasn't the whole story, we had lots of play and it is hard to write about everything but I must mention Pip - I thought she was great today!  She was like a magnet to the ball and she linked up with Chad time after time and later on also with Nad and Georgia who again just skimmed the bar.


Willow and Taz worked hard with the backs supporting them going forward.  Lydia came on and was unlucky with a great shot.  The back two again where great - I love the way they play together neither looking phased by anything.  Rach came on late on and is due more pitch time soon.  Finally, just a quick mention to Jess - nice to have you back...! A great team performance..Well done girls.

Thanks to the line................Mick.


                                          Girl of the Match: Alice Thompson (PIP)



                                                       1st NOVEMBER 2008

                                   MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  2  V  1  BRAZIL GIRLS


I would like to start by saying a big thanks and well done to Lydia for standing in and doing a great job in goal - my utlity player..!


We knew today was going to be a tough one aginst this brazil side, we started by going 1-0 down totally against the run of play, but this week no heads dropped and we where brilliant!  The midfield where outstanding and fought for everything propped up by the backs.  Chad was unlucky up front but had some great link up play with pip (Alice).  Willow is now starting to link up well, spreading the ball to Georgia and Taz.  Nad came on and scored within minutes followed by a goal from Taz to take us in the lead.  We then held on to the end of the game winning 2-1.


It's hard to pick a girl of the match when every kid is playing so well - so I may ask the parents to do this job from now on....  I would also like to mention the referee - who I thought had a great game.  As always thanks to the line....................Mick.


                                         Girls of the Match -  Hannah & Megan.  



                                                        25th OCTOBER 2008

                                     MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  1  V  1  BLEAK HILL ROVERS


This wasn't one of our best games!  Bleak Hill had a keeper in for the first half that saved at least ten good attempts on goal.  This kind of back fired on us and a few of our girls heads went down , which I don't understand as we had 80% of the game.


We had one goal disallowed , which appeared to be good and seemed to lose out on the 50/50 decisions , but we have to learn from this, as these type of games are going to happen.  We have to just dig in and get on with it on days like this.


Chad got one back and Alice put their best player in her pocket in the second half.  We played a better second half and again had many chances even up to the last seconds when Meg hit the post!  Today.....just wasn't our day.  As always thanks to everyone...................Mick.


                                               Girls of the Match : Georgia & Hannah.




                                                          18th OCTOBER 2008

                                    NORTH PARK UNITED  1  V  0  MOSSLEY HILL 'C'  


 Before the game started I knew we where about to play the old Millers side who are a big physical side, but are kids didn't let us down..!  Again and again we just missed out.  We were solid at the back and except for the goal Jess had nothing to do.  It is annoying to be so close again, but we are due to give somebody a going over.


 Again, I was approached after the game by the opposing manager saying how impressed he was with such a young side, playing the way we do.  He gave Chad girl of the match and I gave it to the defence.  You have to give everyone of the girls credit for the amount of commitment they are giving week after week - I love it......!  Again - a big thanks to the line...........Mick.


                                       Girls of the Match : Chad & Defence (Meg + Han).